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Landscape, Residential
2021, Amersfoort, Architecture
About This Project

Once the site of a hospital, now that of a small scale urban development situated on the beautiful ‘Amersfoortse Berg’ (also known als Little Swiss because of its un-Dutch height differences). We designed the house from the inside out, using all of the possibilities of the (sloping) site. Each floor of the main volume has two open corner windows, offering views to the forest and main city tower on the upper level. On the ground floor they open up to the driveway and the garden.


The big surprise is hidden underground. At street level, the building presents itself as a classical house with two floors, a gabled roof and a carport. But after entering at the centre of the house, stairs lead you down to garden level. This floor is rotated 90 degrees, so it’s not a dark and tucked away basement, but its 12m long facade is orientated to the big garden. Here you’ll find the kitchen and main living area.


The staircase of the house connects all floors by shifting its position, creating a diagonal view from top to bottom and a different atmosphere on each floor. The landing on the upper floor makes it possible to walk around the bathroom, at ground floor it connects the entrance with the side garden.



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