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2019, Architecture, Bussum, Renovation
About This Project


This semi-detached 30’s house has a classical division of a living bay and a smaller service bay. The goal of this extension was to enlarge the kitchen space and to enhance the relationship with the garden. We kept the original setup of the house and clearly showed the difference between living and service area in the facade. Three floor-to-ceiling sliding doors in the dining area and a more closed brickwork facade at the kitchen.


The original building was repaired several times, leaving a patchwork of ‘injuries’. This theme was picked up into the new extension where we used 3 layers of different masonry bonds.  Also the strong horizontal line of the gutter is translated in the new solid concrete roof line. And, in a more subtle way, we used the typical green colour of the house in the new steel window frames.  In this way, the modern annex has a symbiotic relationship with the existing house on all levels.



Atelier NOU


Jordi Huisman


De Ingenieursgroep